World's Longest Sudoku Puzzle

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The 'World's Longest Sudoku Puzzle' was created by Joe Defries in 2006, and used during his November 5-6, 2006 Guinness World Record event (details at 640 diagonally-chained puzzles each have a unique solution, and share common numbers with surrounding puzzles.

The puzzle difficulty levels are from Very Easy to Mild. During the Guinness event, this book was used as a fundraiser for the B.C. Children's Hospital. To help 'newbies' to Sudoku, the puzzles start at a Very Easy level of difficulty (the first puzzle is a 'Redneck Sudoku' puzzle - so easy that even Bubba can complete it), and progressively increase in difficulty to a Mild level.

As of 2009, Joe has created four more Sudoku books - each book also containing diagonally-chained puzzles, bringing today's length of the 'World's Longest Sudoku Puzzle' to a length of 1,473. What better way to become a suJokuholic than to start with his first book - see if you can beat Joe's 'longest solo Sudoku marathon' time of 34 hours, 56 minutes to reach Puzzle #201...

Format: Paperback
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 115
ISBN: 0-9781495-1-3
Published: Nov-2005