Sierpinski Sudoku

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Looking for the ultimate SuDoku challenge? Each of these 202 puzzles has 17 givens - the absolute minimum required to solve any SuDoku puzzle with just one solution

Named after Polish mathematician, Waclaw Sierpinski, whose set theory work led to 'The Sierpinski Problem' & 'Seventeen or Bust', these Sierpinski SuDoku puzzles are all Fiendish+ rated.

Each puzzle is joined to a previous and following puzzle through common (shaded) puzzle & solution numbers. As well, this book is an extension of 'The World's Longest SuDoku Puzzle', now at 1,473 puzzles.

Includes a strategy guide for solving these puzzles, 202 riddles, and flip-page animation of the suJoku logo man.

Joe Defries is a 2-time Guinness TM World Record Holder, and is the joe in & (the Largest Source of Internet Humour). Betcha Can't Beat That!

Format: Paperback
Size: 8 x 5 inches
ISBN: 9780978149550
Published: Dec-2008