e-Booklet #1 - 6D sujoCube (Fiendish)


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sujoCube 6D Sudoku puzzles are two joined 3D puzzles, where each of the six puzzles share common puzzle and solution numbers along each of its borders.

e-Booklet #1 containsĀ seventeen 6D sujoCubes (a total of 102 Fiendish Sudoku puzzles) in pdf file format.

6D Sudoku is a world's first - created by Joe Defries, 2-time Guinness World Record holder, and creator of the world's first 3D Sudoku puzzle (2009, used in www.greathunt.com).

Each of the 102 puzzles is synchronized, can be independently solved, has only one solution, and none have ever been previously published.

Refer to e-Booklet #2 (3D sujoCube) for 3D views of these 6D puzzles - now on sale @ www.joe-ks.org.

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And if you're looking for laughter, visit Joe's other site (www.joe-ks.com), voted Readers Choice #1 Humor site on the internet in 2011 by the New York Times.

You're well on your way to becoming a sujokuholic!
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