2fer Sudoku


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Are you hooked on SuDoku - a true SuDokuholic, looking for a challenge? Each challenging puzzle contains a single "One Choice" number - can you spot it?

Though there are other methods to solve SuDoku puzzles you"re stuck on, practice in spotting "One Choice" numbers will often give you what you need to continue. Why "2fer"? Not only is each challenging-level puzzle diagonally joined to a puzzle on each book page, it's also joined to a puzzle on prior/following pages.

As well, all 122 puzzles are an extension to "The World's Longest SuDoku Puzzle".* Includes strategy for solving SuDoku puzzles, instructions on how to de-mystify 2fer puzzles, and secret tips on how to find "One Choice" numbers. Joe Defries is a current 2-time GuinnessTM World Record Holder*, and is the joe in SuJoku.com & joe-ks.com (the Largest Source of Internet Humour).

Format: Paperback
Size: 8.25 x 11 inches
Pages: 88
ISBN: 0-595-47549-3
Published: Nov-2007