2022 Hooters Owl Calendar - Brazil


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In a follow-up email, shortly after your purchase, I will send you details about the owls used in each of the calendar months, as detailed here:

Owl Types used in the joe-ks.com 2022 Hooters (Brazil Owls) Calendar (all from Adilson de Carvalho Jr.)
  Jan - Asio_stygius - Coruja_Diabo
  Feb - Athene_(Speotyto)_cunicularia - Coruja-Buraqueira
  Mar - Bubo_Virginianu - Coruja_Jucurutu
  Apr - Glaucidium hardy - Caburé da Amazônia
  May - Glaucidium minutissimum - Caburé-Miúdo
  Jun - Otus_roraimae - Coruja_Roraima
  Jul - Pulsatrix_koeniswaldiana__Murucutu_de_barriga_amarela
  Aug - Pulsatrix_Pulsatrix - Coruja_de_sombrancelha_Curta
  Sep - Aegolius harrisi - Caburé Canela
  Oct - Otus usta - Coruja Orelhuda
  Nov - Strix (Ciccaba) huhul - Coruja-Preta
  Dec - Tyto_Alba_Coruja - Suindara

This is my 21st year of creating Hooters Owl Calendars, and the 17th year posting them online - we've come a long way since our first posted Hooters owl calendar. The first calendars were created as 'Hooters Calendars', a play-on-words for those who might mistake our calendar for another 'Hooters' brand product - and of course it fit well with my humour site joe-ks.com (pronounced 'jokes' but spelled with my first name). Ten years ago, my son Joel, asked if I could tie in the Hooters Calendars with a local owl rehabilitation organization (Owl Canada, in Delta, B.C.).

Since then I've improved the owl calendar design, and started using hi-res owl pictures, donated initially by Owl Canada, and now donated from many owl rehab centers and generous individuals around the world. And to clear up any confusion related to the 'other brand', I started creating the calendars as "Hooters Owl Calendars".

Sales of the hi-res calendars initially included pdf file and laminated sheet options, and for a few years I produced full size 11" x 17" poster calendars (no longer available due to high printing and mailing costs). Increased popularity allowed me to expand into owls from around the world, resulting in an 'extra' Brazil Owls calendar. Our first "Birds of Prey" calendar came out in 2017, and in 2022 we're introducing our first "Songbirds" calendar.

In 2011 my Hooters Owl Calendar was quoted by mentalfloss.com as being in the "Ten Odd and Awesome 2011 Calendars".

A portion of the proceeds from owl calendar sales goes toward promotion and support of owl rehab centers around the world.

If you have any great hi-res, colour owl (or Birds of Prey) pictures to pass along for inclusion in future Hooters Owl Calendars, or if you have any questions or feedback, contact me using my online feedback form.
Thanks for giving a hoot!
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